Powering Clinical Documentation and Semantic
Interoperability for Your Application

SyTrue's Smart Data Platform boosts your Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) initiatives in many ways. Whether you're building or have solutions for predictive analytics, radiology, orthopedics, cardiology, semantic interoperability, clinical documentation, Medicare risk adjustment, BI-RADS extraction, patient engagement, OR ICD-9-to-ICD-10 conversions, you need to easily abstract data accurately and efficiently in real time (now, in short). The SyTrue Smart Data Platform can help you power up the content and data layer of your application.

Why Build on SyTrue's Smart Data Platform?

Deploy in Hours, Not Weeks or Months

We target your speed in deployment and data flow.

Save up to 65% in Development Costs

Most users report these high-level savings. Some see bigger increments.

Keep Your Team Focused on Your Core Product

Meanwhile, our technology gives your team new levels of efficiency.

Eye-Catching on Any Device

State-of-the-art technologies like In-Memory business intelligence, HTML5 ensure that data render crisply on every device you use.

Blazing Fast, Crystal Clear

Get the fastest, highest quality clinical natural language processing (NLP) experience found anywhere.

Completely Customizable

Create visually stunning and interactive experiences and custom terminologies based on your clinical documentation.

You're in Great Company

Numerous applications have been built on the SyTrue platform -- from established enterprise companies to the most disruptive new technology organizations. HIT companies continue to choose SyTrue to power their content and data for their applications. Which are your key smart data needs? SmartData Labs are now optimizing practice workflow, new radiology initiatives, health billing, document management and pain management support.

Build Seamlessly Using Our World-Class Platform

SyTrue's Smart Data Platform will power the content within your applications thru robust REST APIs.


Semantic Search



Powerful Yet Simple

Because even the most sophisticated technology should feel simple.

curl -k -H 
"Auth-Key: <key-given-to-you-by-Sytrue>" -H 
"Accept: application/json" 

One Call to Upload

Content-­‐Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Auth-­‐Key: <key-­‐given-­‐to-­‐you-­‐by-­‐Sytrue>

One Call to Download

Get Customized Analytics

Our analytics options provide an extensive library giving the user a set of powerful controls for their applications and their data - whether unstructured or structured. Choose from a wide range of tools… to create… allowing for visually pleasing dashboards based upon the latest and greatest visualization technology.

Simple Tools to Create Custom UX and Embedded Semantic Search

Want to store and retrieve files stored on SyTrue, but not worry about UI? SyTrue access and REST APIs can give you access to files in SyTrue with just a few lines of javascript, or by including this in your webpage.

SyTrue as a Backend

Store your information in the cloud and take advantage of logging, search and preview capabilities from wherever you are -- when your information is cloud-based. SyTrue has advanced features like Semantic Search to add even more context and enhance the discovery potential locked inside your data. Put SyTrue to work as a backend, and you'll profit from these discovery-rich features and more.

Enterprise Grade Security

Bring robust, enterprise grade content management functionality into your critical application. SyTrue makes it easy: Use us as your Health Information Services Provider (HISP) to send and receive data. Your users can also leverage the security features we've built into our products -- two-factor authentication, fine-grained permissions, plus HIPAA, 256-bit AES encryption, SSAE 16 Type II compliance and more.