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September 2013 - SyTrue

SyTrue has been acquired by ClaimLogiq

The same NLP Technology created with you in mind, just a new home!

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The problem with most of the technical solutions mentioned is they require a very high degree of knowledge create immature prototypes. Most users don’t have this ability, which create a very large impediment to adoption. Solutions, not technology needs to be put into the hands of users.

The majority of commercial companies have no clue what they want to be when they grow up. They sell “JUST ENGINES.” They keep selling a vision with no solution or workflow. At SyTrue™, we have something much different. We’ve found the answer. A end to end solution based on the creation and management of a longitudinal record and semantic interoperability. It addresses much of your required goals. Automated CPOE, decision support, order sets from free text/narrative dictation, population health, comparative analytics and Encounter Based Analytics™. We’re revolutionizing CPOE through the process. Current results demonstrate that the solution is 15 time faster than manual data abstraction and more accurate allowing physicians to document encounters via free text to completely capture the clinical picture.

Our Platform as a Service lets the end user validate, improve accuracy and encode any data, unstructured or not, in any information framework that fits their use case. No rose colored glasses here. At SyTrue we’ve created a fundamentally different solution to terminology management, encoding of unstructured/structured data and Clinical Analytics. SyTrue is the first platform enable to allow anyone accomplish this goal. We put the power into the hands of the end users: Physician, Executives, Patient, Researcher, or any other stakeholder. Its truly one of a kind. A solution that Usable, Smart and will unleash the clinical power of Data.

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