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September 2014 - SyTrue

SyTrue has been acquired by ClaimLogiq

The same NLP Technology created with you in mind, just a new home!

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The problem has been until recently the only place analytics was used is billing, not CLINICAL INTELLIGENCE. There has been no incentive until recently to look at clinical analytics. The systems used to support reimbursement (EMR) are not good at clinical data capture. So providers only have access to retrospective claims data. Then each provider attempts to put their own spin on stale information. This will ultimately limit their effectiveness to drive outcomes and clinical change. If it was useful the United States would not be at the BOTTOM of the quality bucket for rich country’s.

America’s health quality is more like a poor to middle country than a rich country. So I have to ask what value does this extraordinary high priced of care bring?

IMO‚Ķvery little but profits for a small few while the majority of the population suffers. If Claims analytics worked we wouldn’t have 40 wrong side surgeries per week and medication adverse events as the 3rd leading cause of death. If you looking at vendors who only know the INCOMPLETE view of claims, your putting your ORGANIZATION and its PATIENTS at real RISK.

If you REALLY want to do MEANINGFUL ANALYTICS than you have to look beyond claims to “dirty” UNSTRUCTURED clinical data at the point of documentation. This is where SyTrue comes into play, we are the leading solution in the nation who addresses this problem. Our ability to provide Encounter Based Analytics is UNSURPASSED. You MUST have the clinical narrative or will have INCOMPLETE and possibly INACCURATE view of your population. So if you want accurate, population based Analytics you need SyTrue and its Clinical NLP, Semantic Search, Terminology Server and real time Business Intelligence and Encounter Based Analytics to achieve a Data Driven Approach to quality improvement.

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