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January 2021 - SyTrue

SyTrue has been acquired by ClaimLogiq

The same NLP Technology created with you in mind, just a new home!

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SyTrue will enable NotePath Smart Chart to make the most of medical records and improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical document reviews and analysis.STATELINE, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 / — ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc. (ChartWise), a computer-assisted Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) company, selects SyTrue, a leading provider of clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve accuracy, efficiency, and quality of medical record reviews and analysis in client hospitals.
ChartWise integrates healthcare’s most-advanced Natural Language Processing Operating System, NLP OS™ into its NotePath™ AI-based chart review system, an innovative documentation improvement product released earlier this year. NotePath will leverage NLP OS™ to mine structured and unstructured medical records, extracting key insights alerting to clinical evidence and advice regarding diagnoses, suggestions to improve the documentation, Risk-Adjustment Factors, HCCs, Patient Safety Indicators, co-morbidities, lab result interpretation, and other information.

“The ability for SyTrue to extract accurate data across the continuum of care is critical to automate CDI. When you combine the structured data with ChartWise’s workflow and knowledge base, providers are able to realize real savings,” said Kyle Silvestro, Founder, and CEO of SyTrue. “We’re looking forward to continuing to provide ChartWise with the most accurate NLP Platform commercially available that will help improve the quality and efficiency of their clients’ clinical documentation.”

Providers often struggle with incomplete or inaccurate documentation resulting in incorrect billing, reimbursement, and quality reporting. With the ability to mine unstructured and structured clinical records using NLP OS™, ChartWise can prompt CDI specialists to improve both the efficiency and accuracy of documentation to obtain appropriate reimbursements, reduce claims denials and improve quality scores.

“SyTrue’s NLP OS is a standout leader in the clinical field,” said Jon Elion, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of ChartWise. “SyTrue met all of our requirements for first-rate NLP processing, the ability to handle high volumes of unstructured data, and a remarkable technical support team to foster ongoing collaboration.”

About SyTrue
SyTrue is built to fix our broken workflows within the healthcare system by automating healthcare’s most onerous tasks; delivering increased productivity, reduced cost and increased revenue to Health Plans and Service Providers. Health organizations consume hundreds of millions to billions of pages of clinical documentation annually. Most of this documentation is locked in unstructured formats like PDF, TIFF, DOC, etc., preventing the insights contained within them from being widely consumed and distributed to the organization. This blocks your enterprise from enjoying the exponential benefits of those insights. SyTrue is designed to solve this problem. We can consume billions of pages of clinical documentation and publish accurate insights throughout the organization providing a new enterprise view that can drive 20 different objectives rather than just one. SyTrue is used by National Health Plans to extract meaningful insights to make clinical decisions more efficient, affordable, and effective.

About ChartWise
ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., based in Wakefield, RI, is a healthcare software firm and the developer of ChartWise CDI, a web-based solution for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement. ChartWise CDI’s built-in clinical intelligence and efficient workflow assists physicians and clinical documentation specialists with increased completeness and accuracy of documentation, risk-adjustment, reimbursement and quality scores. Developed by renowned physician Jon Elion, M.D., ChartWise CDI is the only clinical documentation software that translates clinical language used by physicians into accurate diagnostic language required for documentation and reimbursement. ChartWise CDI has provided a positive ROI between five to eighteen times the cost of the software for every client who has used ChartWise CDI. ChartWise was recognized in the 2016 and 2017 Inc. 5000 List as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, placing first among all Rhode Island-based businesses on the list each year. ChartWise has also been a KLAS award winner for the CDI software category for three consecutive years. For more information, visit

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