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About Us - Why We Exist

SyTrue has been acquired by ClaimLogiq

The same NLP Technology created with you in mind, just a new home!

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SyTrue is Turning Medical Records Into
Amazing Opportunities

About UsSyTrue Leadership

Why We Exist

More than a Billion.

SyTrue is providing the most amazing experiences for our clients and our employees. We’ve processed over a billion medical records highlighting the areas of interest to substantially reduce the time it takes for a healthcare expert to identify what is clinically or administratively relevant within a medical record.

Physicians, Nurses, Auditors, Reviewers, Coders – Healthcare Experts!

Based out of Chico, CA, SyTrue is a high-tech, privately held, healthcare company that leverages proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Our NLP OS™ reads, comprehends and publishes valuable insights from medical records for downstream actions similar to the way healthcare experts do. NLP OS was created for healthcare experts to ease the routine, mundane, tasks of reading, searching and identifying what’s in a single medical record or hundreds of millions of medical records – within seconds.

Working Moms, Traveling Dads, Horses, Yoga and everything in between…

We are an entrepreneurial company made up of world class software and technology inventors and innovators that are guided by seasoned, forward thinking professionals and rising stars. We are a team that is passionate about our team, our clients and yes, our families. If you work at SyTrue then you understand a few things very quickly: family comes first, we are passionate about our clients and laser focused on delivering quality products. We work hard to deliver the best NLP products and solutions the health plan and provider markets have ever seen, but we also understand working moms and traveling dads also work hard outside of SyTrue on their top priority, family. We are proud of our culture, clients and the team members that make up SyTrue.

What's In Your Medical Records?

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