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Fighting COVID-19 With Microsoft Azure - Kyle Silvestro - SyTrue

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Fighting COVID-19 With Microsoft Azure – Kyle Silvestro

Connect with SyTrue on the Azure Marketplace:

Kyle Silvestro is the founder and CEO of SyTrue, a company that leverages Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to substantially reduce the time it takes for a healthcare expert to identify what is clinically or administratively relevant within a medical record.

As part of this discussion, we shared how their partnership with Microsoft, their use of Azure, and the Azure Marketplace have empowered them to scale and grow their business.

Connect with Kyle:
Twitter: @clinicalNLP @SyTrueInc
Microsoft partnership opportunities for healthcare partners:

Contact Avrohom:
Facebook: AvrohomGottheil
Twitter: @avrohomg
Instagram: @avrohomg

[00:49] We’re currently in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic where health care providers and payers are experiencing an exponential increase in their workload. The ramifications of this increase would be a proportionate exponential increase in the amount of data that will be generated. How are insurance companies digitizing the billions of new health records in order to convert them into useful data?

[01:16] The challenge we’re having is that data is being generated as images, which then needs to be converted to text, and from there to useful information.

[01:41] How much data is created in healthcare today?

[02:12] How has COVID-19 impacted the volume of healthcare data that’s generated?

[02:25] How do you handle this incoming influx of information?

[03:06] What is the challenge the World Health Organization is having regarding our medical data?

[03:12] The major challenge with our medical data is that you can only read so much data, so fast.

[03:43] How can Health Insurance companies leverage AI and analytics to help fight Covid-19 related insurance fraud?

[04:59] SyTrue recently launched a new offering on the Microsoft Azure marketplace, called SyHealth. Tell us about it and how it addresses some of the challenges we just discussed.

[04:59] How is SyTrue helping fight Covid-19?

[06:15] How can the public use your solution to fight Covid-19?

[09:46] How would a healthcare organization use your solution with Azure?

[10:57] How can customers find out more about the SyHealth solution, and procure it through the Azure Marketplace?

Kyle: You can access it via this link:

[11:22] How has partnering with Microsoft helped SyTrue scale and grow your business?

[11:49] How can people find out more about Microsoft partnership opportunities for healthcare partners?

Kyle: For more information you can send an email to

[12:07] How do people connect with you?

Kyle: You can visit our website at You can also follow us on Twitter at @clinicalNLP or @SyTrueInc.

[12:34] Do you have any parting words of wisdom that you’d like to share with the audience?

#AskTheCEO with Kyle Silvestro

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