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Introducing the first and only Natural Language Processing Operating System (NLP OS™). A scalable, extensible and accurate enterprise level solution utilizing multiple user roles to create and manage information extraction from free text. NLP technology alone is merely a black box, and without proper analysis and workflow it cannot improve patient health, outcomes or lower costs. The NLP OS™ is a complete workflow solution that enables the delivery of a broad range of content when required by the caregiver or data scientist. It is supported by a vast core terminology server to normalize free text in myriad of coding systems and terminologies, while aggregating it with discrete data from EMR's and diagnostic information systems via its transformation interfaces. This robust system works in real-time to return actionable insights while the patient is being treated and can be administered by all end users. The secure NLP OS™ is being used today to enhance efficiency while providing caregivers essential and accurate data.

In today's information-driven and fast-changing healthcare landscape, there is a growing recognition that information must be fully analyzed and governed to make the best and most informed decisions. -Lynne Thomas Gordon, AHIMA CEO

Data is Dirty

Free text data is dirty and hard to deal with. Most companies face large challenges when dealing with free text in healthcare because there are no set standards. There are an infinite number of ways terms can be misspelled, organizations might classify something such as medications 146 different ways, documents come unclassified with carriage terms removed and unique characters added. NLP OS™ uses an integrated process and accounts for the variations in language, spelling, document types and coding requirements, saving companies the time and expense that comes with using a scripted language to clean data. NLP OS™ has reduced human curation time by half, increase abstraction productivity by 15 times and reduced time for market from years to weeks. Now that's what we call working with smart data.

Actionable Data

Organizations need data that supports outcomes, however today's EHR systems only contain 50% or less of available patient data presenting an incomplete view of the patient record. Unstructured and fragmented data across multiple systems will continue to hinder success until organizations are able to retrieve all forms of information and assemble that data in a form that is clinically actionable. Our clients use SyTrue's NLP OS™ to do just that. NLP OS™ transforms the complex challenges of managing unstructured healthcare data into opportunities to improve care, optimize outcomes, and lower costs. For example, Xerox is taking data created at the point of care and predicting if a patient admitted through the emergency department will go home or end up in intensive care. vRad extracts and converts qualitative radiology-related data into actionable quantitative insight including finding-based metrics data. This kind of actionable data is essential in the shift to data-driven healthcare.

The value of data is in the details. Don't leave them out. -Kyle Silvestro, SyTrue CEO

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