Turning Medical Records Into Awareness


SyAudit™ for Medical Record Audits

Stop Reading & Start Validating

Medical record audits are a very important process for both health plans and providers. However, auditing medical records requires specific knowledge, pertaining to the specific type of audit being performed. As a result, audits are extremely manual and therefore vary in quality, are time consuming and expensive!

SyAudit™ has modernized the way healthcare Auditors interact with medical records, enterprise-wide. We’ve streamlined the workflow process by presenting key findings, by medical record type, facilitating a user-friendly experience to expedite the overall audit process. More importantly, we’ve created SyAudit based upon Auditor’s input and feedback to improve audit tasks and performance while also increasing job satisfaction.

No more reading through volumes of medical records. No more searches in multiple systems. No more spreadsheets!

SyAudit reads through medical records identifying the medical record type such as surgical note, emergency medicine chart, itemized bill, etc. to quickly identify if the audit contains all the necessary documentation to support the audit. SyAudit then highlights the key data elements within each of the medical record type empowering the Auditor to quickly validate the highlighted findings through a modernized workflow.

What's In Your Medical Records?

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