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SyHealth™ for population health - Turning medical records into awareness

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Turning Medical Records Into Awareness


SyHealth™ for Population Health

You’ve got Dirty Data!

In healthcare today, most population health data are derived from structured claims reimbursement data addressing billable codes such as ICD-10, CPT or DRG. SyHealth™ allows for deep, granular insights derived from medical records providing a cohort view of patients or a paired down view of a certain patient type. Want to know how many medical records contain myocardial infarction without aspirin across a geographical area or maybe just myocardial infarction for males or females that were provided aspirin during a specific time period from a specific location? What about social determinants trends with patient generated data or medication adherence data?

Get Deep into Context. Get Longitudinal. Get Unstructured!

SyHealth will allow you to view and analyze what is really happening in and across your patient populations. Medical records are deep in context describing what has transpired during a patient encounter and are represented by descriptive, unstructured medical terminologies, versus standardized code sets that may have been billed or not, correctly or incorrectly. SyTrue’s health population product, SyHealth sheds light on the context of the patient encounter identifying the assessment, family history, signs and symptoms, history and physical, medications, etc. — you know, what actually took place during the encounter, versus what was billed.

What's In Your Medical Records?

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