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SySearch™ - SyTrue

SyTrue has been acquired by ClaimLogiq

The same NLP Technology created with you in mind, just a new home!

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Turning Medical Records Into Awareness


Worlds Most Advanced Search Engine for Healthcare Data

SySearch™ is a fully managed cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities that enrich health information to easily identify and explore healthcare data at scale. With SySearch™, you can spend more time innovating and less time designing, maintaining and querying a complex search solution.

Where Your Current Legacy Search Systems is Failing

Software that enables rapid cleaning, extraction, search and analysis of large complex datasets is a less developed area of medical research, resulting in workflow bottlenecks, decreased transparency and limited reproducibility of research.

The task of extracting data from medical records, producing a longitudinal dataset and matching to large population cohorts can take days or weeks using current software due to its computational intensive nature.

Why SySearch?

Focusing on the messiest part of healthcare, SySearch is processing unstructured data locked in faxes, pdfs and EHRs, organizing the data into longitudinal views and making it available to query in fractions of a second.

SySearch™ is an elevated expression of clinical record search, layering natural language processing and natural language understanding on top of medical records to provide flexibility and accuracy in your semantic search.

  •  Unify data across segmented or dispersed data systems
  •  Index driven search with intelligence that goes beyond word parsing by using a sophisticated terminology server (ICD-10, MESH, MEDRA, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, RxNORM etc.)
  • More accessible and specific than R-driven queries, search in your own words to find the records you are looking for
  • Further filter your search using an intuitive user interface to reach higher precision and recall scores

Finally, a Search Platform for Everyone

You no longer need to be a data scientist to access the valuable insights in medical records. We understand research analysts, business development specialist and medical professionals have different questions to ask health data. Use natural phrases and expressions to query your entire patient population and gain the insights you are looking for.

Whether you are working with medical records locked in image files, pdfs or unstructured text, SySearch can navigate across the messiest/dirtiest medical documents.

What's In Your Medical Records?

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