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SyTrue Leadership - Who We Are

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About UsSyTrue Leadership

SyTrue Leadership

SyTrue’s management team has a deep understanding of healthcare data workflows and the challenges unstructured data can present for health plans and providers. Combined, SyTrue’s management team has close to a generation of experiences in Natural Language Processing (NLP), specifically for healthcare; they are among the Who’s Who when addressing NLP solutions for the healthcare market.

Kyle Silvestro

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kyle has over a decade of healthcare industry experience addressing Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and a deep understanding of clinical data and workflows. Kyle leads the SyTrue team in executing to the company’s strategy and evangelizing SyTrue’s solutions within the healthcare market. Prior to developing a passion for NLP healthcare solutions, Silvestro successfully founded and sold two companies outside of the healthcare market. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Chico University and is recognized as a national thought leader in NLP and the application of semantic search and retrieval.

Trish Chael

Chief Financial Officer

Trish has over 10 years of finance experience with a focus on the healthcare industry. She started her career in investment banking before transitioning to venture capital and private equity. Most recently, Trish has acted as an independent financial consultant to several early stage healthcare companies. Trish received her Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University and her MBA from Harvard Business School. Trish is responsible for all aspects of financial reporting and performance at SyTrue, and actively manages the company’s financial strategy.

Tracy Gregory

Chief Data Officer

Tracy began her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist in drug discovery, spending 19 years at Pfizer. She has a wealth of experience in data analysis, visualization and understanding data workflows. As a Sr. Application Specialist for a European based Natural Language Processing (NLP) software company, Tracy worked closely with government, pharmaceutical and healthcare customers to understand their data challenges and develop rules for unstructured data extraction. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Alma College in Biochemistry and is responsible for SyTrue’s data analysis capabilities and assisting customers with data understanding and rule configuration.

Constantin Mitocaru

Chief Technology Officer

Constantin began his career at the Mayo Clinic in the Biomedical Informatics department working with medical terminologies and developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Furthering his experience in NLP solutions, Constantin was responsible for the overall development efforts for a computer-assisted coding product at LingoLogix, which was acquired by Cerner Corporation. Constantin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Automatic Controls and Computer Engineering from Technical University, Romania. He leads all R&D efforts at SyTrue, advancing the company’s technology infrastructure.

Ketan Patel, MD

Chief Medical Officer

A graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School, Dr. Ketan Patel trained as an emergency & trauma physician and worked across diverse clinical environments, ranging from inpatient to ambulatory setting. With a concurrent focus on clinical research trials and healthcare information technologies (aimed at improving clinical data workflow, and improved detection of disease at the point of care), Dr. Patel has helped advise and mentor numerous startup technology companies in North America. He has served on numerous peer selected advisory boards, mentoring organizations and research panels. As Chief Medical Officer at SyTrue, Ketan provides clinical understanding and brings a physician’s perspective to contemporary approaches to unstructured data extraction.

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