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SyTrue Offers Free AI-based Solutions To Public Health Organizations to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic - SyTrue

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SyTrue Offers Free AI-based Solutions To Public Health Organizations to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Solutions enable identification of disease trends, early detection, and interventions

April 1, 2020 — Chico, CA – The solution will support efforts to identify COVID-19 disease trends and can assist the development of potential therapies. In an effort to help researchers and governments battling the COVID-19 pandemic make earlier detection and interventions possible, SyTrue, Inc., a provider of Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions, today announced the Company will provide its SyHealth™ for Population Health solution free of charge to qualified global public health organizations. 
As increasing numbers of patients are diagnosed with COVID-19, front-line physicians will need to quickly document their encounters, oftentimes using shorthand or other methods to capture important data. SyTrue’s solutions standardize that data, making it possible to track the progress of the disease and gather crucial information about patients, such as new symptoms, risk factors, and comorbidities. SyTrue’s suite of solutions can also follow patients over time, creating longitudinal health records. 
“As the number of COVID-19 cases soars both in the U.S. and around the world, data will grow exponentially. Our current healthcare system is not equipped to review and analyze this crucial information fast enough to stay ahead of the evolving pandemic,” said Kyle Silvestro, CEO of SyTrue. “To assist those working tirelessly to battle this pandemic, our SyTrue NLP OS™ platform and solutions can help health systems, global and domestic public health organizations, health plans and researchers tap into this data and make it usable, shareable and actionable in real-time.”  
In order to harness the data that threatens to overwhelm the system, SyTrue has developed solutions that enable: 

  • Rapid Identification of Emerging Disease Trends – SyHealth™ for Population Health makes possible retrospective analysis of trends across data that are not discoverable using electronic medical records (EMRs).  Globally, SyHealth can be used to normalize data across multiple languages to speed the digitization of health data and identify emerging disease patterns. 
  • Safety-monitoring of medicinal therapies – SyWhat™ terminology server provides real-time adverse event reporting that is uniquely able to encode Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (medDRA) codes and provide information that will be crucial as potential therapies for COVID-19 enter development and are tested in humans. SyWhat™ is an advanced clinical entity normalization and mapping server which can convert both structured and free-text to standardized terminologies.
  • COVID-19 Knowledge Extraction – The extraction and normalization of data from CT scans to diagnose COVID-19 with radiology tool SyRad™ that is currently used by two of the leading radiology organizations in the U.S.
  • Accelerated Identification of Patient Cohorts – Using SySearch™ discovery tool, researchers can identify patient cohorts and pandemic trends more quickly.
  • Expedite the Claims-review Process – As COVID-19 cases surge in the coming weeks to months, organizations will be able to process claims faster using with SyAudit, reducing costs and ensuring payment integrity.

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About SyTrue

SyTrue has developed a pioneering solution using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that has the potential to transform healthcare by reducing waste, abuse and cost. The proprietary SyTrue NLP OS™ platform and solutions including SyAudit™, SyHealth™ and SyReview™ enable health plans to extract and analyze the vast amounts of data found in medical records quickly and effectively to improve payment integrity, lower administrative expenses and increase profitability. For more information please visit:

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