Turning Medical Records Into Awareness


SyWhat™ for Content Management

Say what? Huh? What’s that mean?

With our proprietary terminology server, SyWhat™ removes the barriers on how health experts document, normalizing your data across all providers and facilities, based upon your terminology configuration. Medical records are created from people & ppl use multiple abbreviations, misspell differently and use a plethora of ways 2 communicate, speak, talk, dictate what procedure or test was performed at the visit, or encounter… We know, understand, comprehend this…

Map, Manage, Normalize.

SyWhat allows for terminology standardization to be mapped, managed and normalized on the “fly” at a single location, multiple locations or enterprise-wide for a specific practice or health system or even within an entire health plan. Leverage SyWhat across all your content to standardize your data and gain better information while streamlining your content needs.

What's In Your Medical Records?

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